Keep your catheter dry with the catheter cover made for showering and bathing. CoverCath

Shower catheter cover and bath catheter cover.   CoverCath

Take a shower, take a bath, you can do it with a CoverCath™ !

CoverCath | Shower catheter cover and bath catheter cover CoverCath™ is:
* Designed for patients with a Hemodialysis catheter, Central Lines, Peripherally
    inserted Central Line (PICC), Peritoneal Dialysis catheters, feeding tubes, antibiotic
    IV lines, Peg tubes, Chemotherapy catheters, and Infusion catheters.
* Is designed for showering and bathing.
* Is disposable and for single use.

Note: CoverCath™ is NOT designed for swimming, diving, jumping into water, whirlpools and hot tubs.

CoverCath™ is disposable and sold 10 to the box.
Each box also contains 10 Band-Aids and an instruction sheet. (Box of 10)

Thank you for your interest in CoverCath and CoverCath-IV but we are currently out of stock on both versions. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will update the web site when new inventory arrives.


How To Use CoverCath™

Instructions For Use Of CoverCath™

  1. (Steps 1-3): Remove the existing cover from the dialysis catheter site.
    NOTE: As noted the CoverCath is recommended for use two weeks after the catheter has been inserted and the sutures holding the catheter to the skin has been removed. This applies only to dialysis permacaths. CoverCath cannot be used for acute dialysis catheters because they are sutured in place.
  2. (Step 4): Clean the catheter site with alcohol and let air dry.
  3. (Step 5-6): Apply the adhesive bandage provided to the catheter site.
  4. (Step 7-10): Insert the catheter through the hole of the CoverCath and peel off the bottom part of the adhesive which is done from the slit in the middle of the adhesive.
  5. (Step 11-14): Press the adhesive firmly on the skin and follow the same procedure on the upper part of the adhesive carefully bending the bag to peel off the adhesive.
  6. (Step 15): Press the whole CoveCath to the skin. The catheter can coil inside the bag.
  7. In removing the CoverCath, slowly pull from the top of the adhesive until the whole bag is taken off. There might be slight pain on removing the device.
  8. CoverCath can only be used once.

Warnings For CoverCath™

  1. Note: CoverCath is not recommended for diving or jumping into water. Notify your medical personnel immediately if the device gets detached or water gets into the bag.
  2. The adhesive is hypoallergenic. If you develop any rash, discomfort or any reaction from its use, notify your medical personnel immediately.
  3. Failure to follow these instructions may result in failure of the device.